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About Speckled Hens

Laurie and Mary

Established in 2008, Speckled Hens owners Mary O’Brien and Laurie Barnett continue to fill their boutique store with what customer’s crave – unique, charming home and garden décor, gifts, accessories and more.

Their Journey

Mary and Laurie were brought together by their husband’s high school reunion and quickly found that they shared their love for the Lord, their families and decorating their homes.

Each of them was talented in creating hand-made, home and fashion accessories.  For Laurie, it was Tole Painting; for Mary, it was fashioning with a glue gun, sewing and everything in between. Together, they sold their creations at seasonal craft boutiques in the high desert and Inland Empire throughout the 1990’s.

Once their kids were grown and Mary’s bout with cancer was conquered, they followed their dream beyond selling at local craft boutiques to owning a retail store in downtown Upland in 2008…just as the national economy was turning upside down!

They proved that if you offer a variety of unique merchandise at a good price, paired with friendly personalized customer service, you could not only succeed; you could ultimately grow your business!  By 2012 Speckled Hens had an opportunity to relocate to a larger, permanent “nest” in the vibrant college town of Claremont, CA.

Claremont Village

Claremont Village

Historic Harvard Square
Claremont Village

Today, Speckled Hens is located on the first floor of the historic Harvard Square building, in the quaint section of the Claremont Village. Here, they sell an expansive array of quaint, unique décor items for the home and garden, gifts for all occasions, accessories and more.

Special events are also a part of the Speckled Hen’s experience, so make sure to get connected, to discover the latest promotions and happenings.

Speckled Hens is filled to the brim with treasures Mary and Laurie love, and think you will love too.  If you haven’t yet experienced Speckled Hens, they invite you to stop in and see why they are one of Claremont’s boutique destinations!